As a photographer I feel I’m in such a privileged position to give back to those around me.  In the last 20 years I have produced 2 books and held exhibitions around the world for charities close to my heart. To see more on my books click here.

Over my career I have won international photography awards but I’m incredibly proud of the ones I’ve been awarded for my charity work. I received Photographer of the Year, for my involvement in opening a clinic in Africa for ‘Support for Africa’, and the Outstanding Achievement Award for Inspirational Photographs, acknowledging the contribution of ‘The Hero Inside’ to raising vital funds for Help for Heroes.

I have just finished touring the UK with my photographic exhibition called ‘Everyone in our World Deserves Fresh Running Water’ on my recent trip to the remote islands off of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, for my chosen charity ‘Wellfound’. This exhibition focused on what a difference Fresh, Clean, Water can make to the quality of life of people living in these very deprived areas.

If you would like to see more of the exhibition images or purchase any photographs, including signed originals, then please contact me on or call on (+44) 07973 252 017.