In 1999 I had an exhibition of 200 celebrity photographs, many of them signed, which toured the UK in conjunction with my first book, ‘Slightly Offstage’, both of which raised money for Society of Stars helping children and adults with cerebral palsy.

Since then I have had other exhibitions around the globe but one that is very close to my heart is my book and subsequent exhibition ‘The Hero Inside’ which was launched to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a charity dedicated to supporting wounded soldiers. It was a thought-provoking and emotional record of experiences and traumas on the battlefield and at home, because whilst I am Gill Shaw, Photographer, I’m also Gill Shaw, the soldier’s mum.

100% of all monies taken from the sale of my books were given to charity.

Slighty Off Stage

In 1999 I held an exhibition of 200 celebrity, framed, one off photographs all 20”x20” in size, many of them are signed and personalised, which toured the UK, in conjunction with my first book ‘Slightly offstage’.

I am now putting these up for sale, prices range from £295 - £995 depending on if they are signed and personalised.

Please contact me to discuss if you are interested in purchasing any or all of these, they would look wonderful on walls in office’s, reception, cafes, restaurant or pubs, I would also rent them out if preferred.

Please contact Gill Shaw on +44 7973 252017

The Hero Inside

My 2nd book for 'Help for Heroes' released in October 2009.